Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Differences Between Men and Women Business Owners

I feel like there are two worlds when it comes to business ownership. There is the way men do things and the way women do things. I am not saying ALL women do this or that. Nor am I saying ALL men do this or that. What I want you to see is no matter what side you are on we can all benefit from learning from each other.



  • great at customer service
  • great at building relationships
  • take care of the details
  • can multitask most of the time
  • can stretch out resources
  • flexible 
  • straight to the point
  • not afraid of challenges
  • not afraid to take control
  • usually confident (even if they have no clue) 
  • can see the big picture
  • focused

Now, these are just the strengths that I observed. There are a lot more I have left out. It's really a personality thing and not a gender thing. So women, if you feel like you are more like the men that's okay, because I am more like that myself--- but I go back and forth. Vice versa, a man might be a great people person and can identify more with what I stated about women. All that is fine. 

What I would say about the strengths is have them all. What kind of business owner would you be if you were friendly, fun, on top of the details, in control and got right down to business. The problem is you tend to stay one side when you really should be in the middle. Sometimes you may adjust according to the clients involved.


As for as weaknesses go. Women tend to involve their emotions a lot more. When our feelings get hurt, we can sometimes take it personally. I can't speak for all women but our ways tend to catch up with us. If that were not true, then why does the workplace sometimes feel like high school? If we learn to let things go and work together on what matters (which is making money together) then we will see our business explode. 

Women, we also sometimes don't play at the same level as the guys. It's not always our fault, because we are pulled in so many directions. We have more distractions. We have to pick up the kids, make dinner, clean the house, and still dominate in our business. Sometimes it feels like life has double teamed us. Nevertheless, if we could support one another and not criticize, then support, something we lack, will be something we will have in abundance.

When I say play at the same level, I mean time. Spending more time working on our businesses is the only way to win in business. Working ON your business not just IN your business. Society makes us feel like bad mothers if we work too hard. But the only way to achieve success IS by working too hard. 

Men, don't think I forgot about you. You guys are like robots sometimes. You don't care about people's feelings. You kill whatever is in the way and take your advantages where you can. Be careful not to burn your bridges. 

You have care more about people in business. You drive customers away. You can drive your subordinates crazy when you don't care enough. It could actually be bad for morale because the workplace turns into a war zone. When you are in a position of power, it's not about telling people what to do. It's about getting them to want to do what you tell them so you don't have to stand over them.

Men, stop missing the details. In the effort to get it done, you also have to make your offer look attractive. That is why Donald Trump is so successful. He has an eye for detail. Nothing he does is basic. Women got that in the bag. We like to make everything look pretty. Men can learn a thing or two about the style/presentation factor. Or do you think that all your money only come from other men? Even if men are your target market, they still are attracted to nice things and cool-looking designs.

I could go on and on, but I have a feeling that you know about this yourself. What are the differences that you see between men and women and business? How can we learn from each other?

Until tomorrow,

Ruth M. Haines
Your Online Marketing & Business Strategy Coach

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